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Alhambra as a Successful Case Study

Alhambra is being shown by Fujitsu as a successful Case Study in building a general purpose Computation System.

Recently, Fujitsu has proudly announced that Universidad de Granada has purchased the Alhambra supercomputing system, highlighting this as a successful Case Story about the deployment of a general purpose intensive computing system.

In the achivement description, Fujitsu enumerates the milestones reached with this equipment (see PDF link), including the computation power and energetic efficiency, as well as the present and future compatibility between the infiniband technoloy and the Lustre distributed filesystem. With this equipment, the Universidad de Granada increases 10 times the computation resources available to its researchers, in a third of the room space used before.

You can also watch a video provided by Fujitsu, in which the Alhambra system is shown, and the computation needs fulfilled by this new equipment are described.

Published on April 21, 2014 at 12:14
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