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Service restored

As informed, the supercomputing service has been successfully reestablished in time.

Today the queued jobs were allowed to run, and these have started computing without evident problems.

After the filesystem update, apart from correcting the bug that caused reading failures, the available disks have been rearranged, optimizing their use and gaining some disk space. So, now the /home filesystem has a total capacity of 9.5 Terabytes, and the /SCRATCH,  51 Terabytes.

Nevertheless, this restructuring provides a better performance for /SCRATCH filesystem when compared to the /home one. Let us recall that /home filesystem is devoted only to important data that deserves lasting storage (binaries, input data) but it has not enough performance for intensive writing. Calculations must use the /SCRATCH filesystem.

We hope this maintenance stop has not disturbed your calculations too much. Thanks for your patience.

Published on March 4, 2016 at 13:16
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