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Next Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance stop for Alhambra supercomputing service July the 17th, 2017

After a very intense year for alhambra supercomputer (including queues corresponding to the former ugrgrid), it is time now for a scheduled maintenance stop this summer, so we will proceed to pause the queues and suspend the access to alhambra. We are going to perform some improvements on the computing nodes. Particularly, we are going to settle the lustre filesystem in order to provide a better usage to the available storage resources we have. Also, we are updating the operating system for computing nodes (a minor update, it is not expected to affect running software) so we'll take the oportunity to monitor all computing nodes, specially the older ones. All of these will be transparent for the users, so any job that may remain queued will enter execution after the queues are reopen. The planned schedule follows: June 26th, 8:00 Exec time reduced to 5 days for NOParalela, larga and media queues July 12th, 8:00 Shutdown for NOParalela, larga, media and 120Hbigmem queues July 14th 8:00 Shutdown for 72H and 24H bigmem queues July 16th 8:00 Shutdown for 24H, 24H bigmem and 24Hgpu queues July 16th 20:00 Shutdown for 12H and 12Hgpu queues July 17th 8:00 ssh access is stopped and interactive queues are shut down. We'll try to continue the service ASAP, but we guess the shutdown may last from 17th to 21th July.
Published on May 31, 2017 at 12:37
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