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End of maintainance

Once the maintainance operations have concluded and the updated OS installed in the computing nodes, we have reopened the ssh access and the web page. Calculations are running again.

At 13:30 18th July, supercomputing service Alhambra is up again. Today we have fully started the web page again, so after installing new lustre modules, new os versions and transferring all user data, the maintainance has finished. Right now, main queues are operational (NOParalela, las 12H, 24H, 72H and bigmem ones). GPU queues are pending for some tests. About old ugrgrid hardware, media and larga queues are due to some hardware inventory. We must select and list those machines with a correct hardware status and then reinstall also the OS. We hope we made the minimum disturbances to you. You may now send more jobs, so take your oportunity as there is currently space for more of them.
Published on July 19, 2017 at 9:25
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