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UGRGrid refurbishing

After 14 years of continuous service, UGRGrid will be reconfigured

Since 2007, UGRGrid, the TOP500 computer that ranked #467, has been happily giving service to researchers of all Andalusian universities. However, computers age, and UGRGrid has been no exception. In its 14 years of history, has suffered power blackouts, temperature surges, memory failures, hard disk failures and motherboard. Some of the servers could be recovered, some not, some of them do not boot at all, some of them have video issues that avoid them to boot, some of them constantly reboot... Hardware ageing, after all. Today, due to the inminent arrival of a new supercomputer, UGRGrid has to leave some space to the new one. However, UGRGrid is not being decommissioned completely, it is going to be "shrinked" and simplified. We are going to rearrange the "survivors" in less physical space, leaving enough room. We will keep 15 working Fat nodes (16 AMD Barcelona cores, 64 Gb memory) and 44 Thin nodes (4 cores, 8 Gb memory). We are removing the old Infiniband SDR 10Gbit/s network that has constant, but oscillating voltage problems, so reconfiguration of those nodes is necessary. Therefore, queues larga and media are will not be available for a period of time that depends on the work regarding the new supercomputer. Those queues were mainly oriented for non-parallel workload and Master students, so we will increase the available resources for students and non-parallel works (queues invitados and NOParalela). We hope bring UGRGrid back to life as soon as possible .
Published on April 30, 2021 at 11:55
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