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Charge carrier transport across grain boundaries in graphene

Authors: J.P. Méndez, F. Arca, J.Ramos, M.Ortiz, M.P.Ariza
Published in Artículo, August 2018.

Molybdenum-Catalyzed Enantioselective Sulfoxidation Controlled by a Nonclassical Hydrogen Bond between Coordinated Chiral Imidazolium-Based Dicarboxylate and Peroxido Ligands

Authors: Carlos J. Carrasco, Francisco Montilla, Agustín Galindo
Published in Molecules, July 2018.

Reactivity of a trans-[H–MoSMo–H] unit towards alkenes and alkynes: bimetallic migratory insertion, H-elimination and other reactions

Authors: Marina Pérez-Jiménez, Jesús Campos, Joaquín López-Serrano and Ernesto Carmona
Published in Chemical Communications, July 2018.

Molecular detection on a defective MoS2 monolayer by simultaneous conductance and force simulations

Authors: Gonzalez, C.; Dappe, Y.J.
Published in Physical Review W , June 2018.

Influence of Functionalized η6-Arene Rings on Ruthenium(II) Curcuminoids Complexes

Authors: Riccardo Pettinari, Agnese Petrini, Fabio Marchetti, Corrado Di Nicola, Rosario Scopelliti, Tina Riedel, Laure D. Pittet, Agustín Galindo, Paul J. Dyson
Published in ChemistrySelect, June 2018.

Unraveling the Main Chain and Side Chain Effects on Thin Film Morphology and Charge Transport in Quinoidal Conjugated Polymers

Authors: X.Liu, B.He, A.Garzón‐Ruiz, A.Navarro, T.L.Chen, M.A.Kolaczkowski, S.Feng, L.Zhang, C.A.Anderson, J.Chen, Y.Liu
Published in Advanced Functional Materials, June 2018.

Secondary Oxide Phosphines to Promote Tandem Acyl–Alkyl Coupling/Hydrogen Transfer to Afford (Hydroxyalkyl)rhodium Complexes. Theoretical and Experimental Studies

Authors: Virginia San Nacianceno, Lourdes Ibarlucea, Claudio Mendicute-Fierro, Antonio Rodríguez-Diéguez, José M. Seco, Antonio J. Mota, María A. Garralda
Published in Inorg. Chem., May 2018.

Butterfly Molecules: How Cross-Stacking Determines Bulk Physical Properties

Authors: M.P.Fernández-Liencres, T.Peña-Ruiz, J.M.Granadino-Roldán, M.Moral, A. Valenzuela Pereira, A.Garzón-Ruiz, A.Navarro
Published in J. Phys. Chem. C, May 2018.

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