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Fisher Information Study in Position and Momentum Spaces for Elementary Chemical Reactions

Authors: Sheila López-Rosa, Rodolfo O. Esquivel, Juan Carlos Angulo Juan Antolin, Jesús S. Dehesa, and Nelson Flores-Gallegos
Published in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, January 2010.

Weakening C–O Bonds: Ti(III), a New Reagent for Alcohol Deoxygenation and Carbonyl Coupling Olefination

Authors: H.R. Diéguez, A. Lopez, V. Domingo, J.F. Arteaga, J.A. Dobado, M.M. Herrador, J.F. Quilez del Moral, A.F. Barrero
Published in Journal of the American Chemical Society, January 2010.

Causes of energy destabilization in carbon nanotubes with topological defects

Authors: F.J. Martín-Martínez; S. Melchor; J.A. Dobado
Published in Theoretical Chemistry Accounts, January 2010.

Molecular structure and spectroscopic properties of polyaromatic heterocycles by first principle calculations: spectroscopic shifts with the adsorption of thiophene on phyllosilicate surface.

Authors: C.I. Sainz-Díaz*, M. Francisco-Márquez, Annik Vivier-Bunge
Published in Theoretical Chemistry Accounts , January 2010.

Natural Atomic Probabilities in Quantum Information Theory

Authors: Edmundo Carrera , Nelson Flores-Gallegos, and Rodolfo O. Esquivel
Published in J Comp. Appl. Math. , January 2010.

Palladium Motion in Cyclomeric Compounds: A Theoretical Study

Authors: Antonio J. Mota, Alain Dedieu
Published in Inorg. Chem., December 2009.

Anion encapsulation promoted by anion···pi interactions in rationally designed hexanuclear antiferromagnetic wheels: synthesis, structure and magnetic properties

Authors: Enrique Colacio, Hakima Aouryaghal, Antonio J. Mota, Joan Cano, Reijo Sillanpää, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez
Published in CrystEngComm, November 2009.

Influence of metal ions, Coligands and Reaction Conditions on the Structural Versatility and Properties of 5-pyrimidyl-tetrazolate Containing Complexes

Authors: Antonio Rodríguez Diéguez, Antonio J. Mota, José M. Seco, Mª Angeles Palacios, Antonio Romerosa and Enrique Colacio
Published in Dalton Trans., November 2009.

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